Motorcycle Apparel

Biker’s Custom Wear

The motorcycle apparel that’s listed here is some of the most popular among bikers. You can get yours by either of the following ways  (I tried for easy for you and me):

 Choose the style or size you need and the quantity you want. When you add it to your cart, it will let you select your shipping method when you check out.



This is my company T-Shirt. The black is the most popular but I also have it in gray.

I have other T-shirts too. They are all durable, have brute-force design, very comfortable to wear, and are good looking shirts.


Starting at $20.00

Slater's Company T-Shirt

Slater’s Company T-Shirt


All of my custom painted handbags are beautifully illustrated to your requirements.

I have several styles to choose from.

Custom Airbrush Handbag

Skull Cross Shoulder Bag

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Off Road Caps

This is another item that I don’t usually stock, but I can get them without too much trouble.

I have several colors to choose from. Or, as always, you can supply your own design or choose one of my designs.

Airbrushed Ball Cap

Black Spider Ball Cap


Helmets come in all styles, so I don’t keep a lot in stock. And more than likely you already have your own favorite.

I will custom paint it to your requirements.

Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet

Father & Son Helmet (back view)

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Motorcycle Jackets

I don’t keep jackets in stock because of all the different styles and materials. But you can supply your own jacket, or I will order one for you. You can supply your own design or choose one already designed.

Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Airbrushed Designed Motorcycle Jacket