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I do a lot of custom painting for a lot of different people and companies, so I get a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequent that I get. If you don’t see yours listed, or it’s not answered clearly, let me know. I appreciate any feedback you want to give.

Questions & Answers

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What Type of Design Work Do You Do?

I enjoy working with any design scheme, but I really like working with the tattoo style design. It gives a sense of moving forward and it’s been associated with motorcycles for a long time.

Lately, I’ve directed my design to the sleeve tattoo which gives a more personalized feel along with the individualism of the design.

You can learn more on the Service Page.

What Kind of Airbrush Do You Use?

I use an Omni 6000 airbrush to do the majority of my design work. It gives me a lot of control for a lot of detailed work.

What Kind of Paint Gun Do You Use?

I use the Top Feed/Harbor Freight gun which is light and keeps me mobile all the way through the design process.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use?

I use PPG Deltron Paint. I like it best because it allows me to finish and polish it unbelievably smooth.

Do You Use A Protective Coating For The Paint?

Yes, I use DC 3000 clear coating. Matter of fact, I apply it several times throughout the design process. It gives an impression that the design is three or more layers deep.

Do You Paint Only For Bikers?

No. I  will paint for almost anyone. If they have a project that interests me and/or it gives me a challenge, I give it a lot of forethought and consideration. Also, a lot of bike shops, car shops, and body shops have used my services.

With all of that, I do my best to always serve the individual biker.

Do You Have References or Examples of Your Work?

Yes. I have references all around Texas and beyond. My work has been displayed in major shows, won trophies, and mentioned in national magazines.

View the Gallery for some examples.

Give me a call and I will be happy to give you some references.